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Please click on the links below to read some of my flash fiction and short stories.


Moving Out. This was written during my last days at an old workplace. Published by Leeds City College in September 2013.

Neighbourhood Witch. A Halloween themed piece published by Tiny Owl Workshop (October 2013).

Gemma. Written as part of a flash fiction challenge, this story was inspired by a fairy tale and published on the Leeds Big Bookend website in October 2013.

Til Death Us Do Part. Written in response to a post from Bree at ‘Read me my Writes’

Suitcase. Published by Postcard Shorts and inspired by the photography of Nicola Taylor (November 2015).

Legacy. A 101 word long story published by 101 Words (December 2015).

A Nation of Lightsabres. I finished this just in time for the release of ‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’ (December 2015).

We Serve Beer As Cold As Your Ex’s Heart: Published in by Expanded Horizons, inspired by a pub sign in Jersey (August 2017).


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