Guest post: Madeleine McDonald.

8 Feb

Madeleine McDonald was one of the UK Krampus cracker authors, and read her flash fiction at the launch event in December. She’s a busy and talented lady, and you can read more about her on her blog. Madeleine has kindly agreed to share a post with us, reflecting on what led her to get involved with the Krampus crackers project. And for the record, all three of her entries were great.



I entered the Krampus Krackers competition in order to try something different. The first draft of my third romance novel was finished but it had been a long, lonely slog. With a sigh of relief, I put the manuscript away in a drawer. As with all first drafts, I had convinced myself I was trailing a cadaver that deserved only a decent burial. Nonetheless, I limped along to The End and told myself the historical research had been interesting.


To clear my head, I googled writing competitions and had a go at anything and everything. Within the discipline of a short word count and a set subject, my imagination roamed free. For better or worse, I produced science fiction, cosy crime, regency romance, regional fiction, time travel, magical realism, political satire or poetry. Vicky placed no limits on submissions, so I bombarded the poor girl with three variations on the Krampus theme.


The heartening result was two tongue-in-cheek cosy crime stories published and an invitation to read out my winning Krampus krackers story in Leeds. Thanks to Vicky and my fellow winners for an enjoyable evening.


And that misshapen first draft? Not so bad when I take a fresh look at it. As with all first drafts, radical surgery is required. Now it’s time for my competition shorts to take a rest in a drawer, while I edit and polish.



Click on this link Enchantment in Morocco to buy Madeleine McDonald’s first romance novel, on special offer from Amazon at 99p.

Enchantment - Kindle Rev 1


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